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Social Networks are SEO tools
Social networks are one of the SEO tools as well. In fact they considered to be one of the effective SEO tools. Social networks use a combination of image, video and word tagging to charm users to enter to a particular page. The more interesting keywords, images and videos are posted the more traffic increase for a social network page. What is good about social networks are its shortness and focused content along with focus groups. Many celebrities, small and big corporations get advantage of this free SEO tool. One of the thriving steps is to obtain “verified” tick to the page. This would add up customers more than ever.

Tough Competition between SEO companies

Immense numbers of SEO companies are being created everyday. One can be sure of the development of the SEO industry with this number. By just typing SEO companies we can get several thousands of results in one second. While picking of them is not an easy for companies they have tougher competition in between. Clients have more options in selecting SEO companies, whether it is local or international there are many of them and only superior quality, agile SEO companies are surviving in this tough competition arena. There are many factors to consider to upshot in the results of search engines and continuous learning, being always updated and uniqueness make the SEO companies winners of the tough competition.

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Low cost highly specialized Local SEO for a global business
International businesses make gigantic researches before entering to any particular country by learning tastes and preferences, demographics, culture and many other factors. Along with them, global company can employ a low cost highly specialized Local SEO company for its website in a particular country. Local SEO knows and hold better database than any other international SEO about the country. Local SEO have better knowledge of local customers, and company employing SEO would have greater chance to be found by local customers. The trend, tastes and preferences, demographics, culture, what is famous and several other facets optimally documented by resident SEO companies. Getting known among people with SEO is one of the low cost and yet easy way.
Why Google SEO is tough one?
Google is one of the dominant search engines in the world. It covers more than 75 % of market share of search engine industry. This is why Google SEO is tough one. In order to be on a higher rank hundreds of thousand websites compete everyday. Google offers online web site reviews for webmasters who are looking for an advice. Here are several factors of getting higher ranks in Google: unique articles, citation rank, social sharing, keywords in titles and headlines and being the first to publish the story or article. While some of the factors like new website, duplicated and poor content, headlines and citation are some negative factors that downgrade the positions of the website to the lowest possible place on the search engines, such as Google.

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